About me (Karin Emsbroek)

As a child I grew up into the woody scenery of the Achterhoek in the Netherlands. After some detours I ended up in a picturesque little town called Dreischor at the seashore, together with my boyfriend Joost. Here we bought us a charming old farmhouse, which we rebuild both inside and outside. This is the place where we enjoy our beautiful surroundings and our big garden, which we layed out ourself. On Juli 2020 we were accompanied by a little miracle, our gorgeous daughter Milou.

In 2009 I received my bachelor in illustration at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, after which I almost instantly started working as a self-employed designer. My preference for working with textile did lead to all kind of plush toys projects for mainly private individuals. This is still what I mainly like to do, beside illustrating prints and birth cards.

I fully enjoy the outdoors and the calmness, the big garden full of flowers, the beautiful dykes with their views of the shore, the cutest and also weirdest cat of the world, and our little family. You can follow me on Instagram, or contact me for any commissions.